Janice Johnson February Brag

Derby and I didn’t have a great agility weekend. My knee was killing me and it was so very cold and miserable. However, we also entered Rally Intermediate because we were first wait-listed for Saturday agility. I decided we had to have something to do if we didn’t make it in, and I know from past experience he doesn’t transfer well from agility to obedience off leash. So, we entered Rally Intermediate twice each day. He did pretty darn well. We had our title in three runs, and practiced one extra to remind him about good heeling in the ring Saturday afternoon.
Rally Int. 2020
Scores were 100 (2nd on time); 98 (first); 92 (2nd with a do-over); and ended with a 100 (first). On the 92 score, I ran over with him after running JWW to see where we were on walking and they were waiting on me to walk. So I handed him over to two teenagers with some treats while I walked. He was so wound up playing with them. That’s why we redid the last run on Saturday to remind him how to heel on leash. He really proved he knew how. Here is a link to the video. ~Janice Johnson

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