NOTICE: Cancellation of the April Agility Trials

In light of this spread of the Coronavirus and rapid progression that has occurred in the last week, North Arkansas Kennel Club has decided to cancel the April 10-12 agility in Berryville. We as a club are trying to act responsibly to protect our exhibitors and club members at this time of emergency. We are heeding the guidelines recommended by CDC as of yesterday. The guidelines state for the 8 wks should limit events with greater than 50 people in attendance and AKC is allowing for cancellation of events through April 30. Containment is the key to controlling the spread of the virus and protection of the vulnerable group of individuals from the virus.

If you entered online through labtested, to get the all rolling for refund you must pull your entry on the labtested online entry. This is the exhibitors responsibility for online entries.

For exhibitors that sent in a check to me, I can shred your checks if that works for you or send it back to you. I haven’t deposited any checks at this time.

At this time, the club is not looking at rescheduling the trial. If that changes, will let you know but at this time I can’t see that happening for many reasons. Once again thank you for your understanding. I hope everyone understands the magnitude of this outbreak and that the club is erring on the side of caution to protect our exhibitors and members.

Sherry Gibbany
North Arkansas Kennel Club

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