Volunteers Needed For Show Cluster

The shows need volunteers to help with the eye clinic on Saturday, Nov 7. We need at least 3 people who can be there at 8:30 am to get things started and help with putting drops in dogs’ eyes, etc. If you are showing later in the day, please consider helping out earlier and then go show. We really need some help here.
We will need volunteers each of the four days to help in different capacities. Find Jerry, myself, or Barb if you want to volunteer and we will find a place for you. Areas we will need help are:
1. Catalog sales (even though the majority of the catalogs were presold will have a few available) – also this a place where people go for questions so need people to man the area
2. Trophy table on Thursday and Friday
3. Saturday may need help at the raffle table
4. Someone to monitor the entrance door to make sure people are wearing the show wrist band. Or else direct them to the area to turn in their COVID-19 waiver and receive a band. No spectators will be allowed.
5. To walk around to monitor that people are not gathering or crowding around throughout the day.
6. Possibly relief for stewards if shorthanded or need coverage.
7. I will be at the armband table, passing out armbands and collecting COVID waivers, but check in periodically to see if I need relief.
8. There are more areas that will need help as they come up.
For items 4 and 5; these volunteers need to be people that are congenial, but assertive. We really need to monitor the safety of everyone. I think most people will abide, but in the excitement of a show can sometimes forget. May need a couple of people for these jobs.
If you can only work one day, part of the day, several days or showing we will work around it. Thursday and Friday are our days, but it is a cluster and OKC helps when can our days and we help them on their days.
Please email me if you plan on coming and can help in any way.
Thank you in advance.

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