Marsha Tonkinson April Brags

Mpacts it’s a Snap owned by Marsha Tonkinson, earned his Certification of Obedience Title with American Society Of Canine Trainers, he had to demonstrate both on and off-leash skills.







Lookout Phoenix Has Risen

Own by Marsha Tonkinson and her fiance Randy Durfee. Is in the first round of voting for The American Humane Hero Dog Awards under Shelter Dog, she is an extreme abuse survivor who was awarded by the court to live with Marsha and Randy after they saved her life. She also had her photo published in the new AKC CGC Training Guide Book

Marsha Tonkinson, who is a Certified Master Trainer with the American Society Of Canine Trainers, developed a Certification of Title Canine Fitness. This Title demonstrates a strong bond with the owner/dog while building core and mental strength using safe, Humane Methods.



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