Agility Trial April 15, 16 & 17, 2022

Need volunteers!

I included the volunteer link above.  Please sign up.  Right now Krista is the only one.   We are working on getting inmates to help with unloading and loading and ring crew.

This is our biggest trial yet.  Total entries is 1010 with 335 runs on Friday, 346 runs on Saturday, and 329 runs on Sunday.  We need gate stewards, timer, scribe, and help with course building.  Maybe some ring crew will keep you posted on inmates.

All jobs are trainable and especially if you are interested in agility the best place to see it in action, behind the scenes, and to learn.  It takes an army to put on an agility trial.

I know it is in Fayetteville, but come one day and then enjoy time in the area.

Sherry Gibbany

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