Christmas Party Dec. 14th – 6 PM

The Christmas party reminder:  Tuesday, Dec 14, 2021, at 6 pm. There will be a Potluck with our club furnishing meat and drinks. We are also doing a white elephant gift exchange. Many of you have let me know if attending or not,  but if you haven’t let me know yet if you are planning on attending, please contact me so I can plan a count for meat and drinks. The party is held at the training center at 825 E. Main Street, Flippin, AR 72634.

I need volunteers that would like to help with decorating and putting up a tree. Also need some volunteers to clean (vacuum, clean, etc) the building prior to party. Please let me know, between this being finals week and the upcoming obedience/rally trial, my time is limited but I can pitch in.


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